final animation



Digital Animation class | ART 147A


Spring 2015

Designed/Created by:

Jenna Waldman



An animation of planting and helping the environment, keeping the Earth healthier, as well as helping with pollination, as bees and flowers are very important to keep available to each other, and bees are needed to help spread pollen around. Without bees, there would be a large decrease in food, such as most of the fruits. With help from gardeners, bees are able to pollinate. Pollination is important for farmers as well, if the pollination levels are low, results are smaller vegetables/fruits or slower maturing vegetables/fruits, as well as an increase of a possibility of diseases. Unfortunately, if all pollination stopped completely, flowers, many fruits and vegetables would eventually be nonexistent, and animals who live off the support of the flowers, vegetables and fruits would suffer, such as fruit bats, bees, fruit dependent birds, and many insects.

Research site:


Being patient with the program was the most difficult, it always had a plan of it’s own when I attempted to draw in Flash. As well as timing with the motions and swapping out images and putting them in the right place.


There were a lot of motion tweens which made it a lot more easier to make things go smoothly and quickly instead of having to go one frame by one frame.